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Central Comic-Con 2013 Hard Club Porto - Part One

Hope you are ready for a Comic Con overload! Has I told you last friday, this weekend me and my boyfriend, went to a comic con here in Portugal! And I love it! I didn't love it 100% (but in the end I will tell you why) but I love it anyway. It was a fantastic experience and... I want more! For me, I wouldn't mind to be on a monthly comic-con.
So it started saturday at 11 o'clock but we arrived a little late because we had to make the check-in at the hotel. We lived not so far from the city, like 40  minutes-50 of driving where the comic con happened but it would be so expensive in fuels and tolls that we prefered to go to a hotel just for one night. Anyway, I was a little bit pissed because I wanted to go to a manga drawing workshop at the beginning but everything went wrong to make us arrived at the proper time. But when we finally arrived,   the workshop was still in progress, so I could get to learn a little bit (more) about manga drawing. And believe, I learned more in 10 minutes with Paula Walker, the teacher, then with the manga drawing books. And if I didn't spent time on the stalls that were in the first area and watched the Lolitas Show I could learn more. Still I like it and I want to learn more!
After the workshop, we changed to another room, because it was there that was going to happen the others things, like a "Pacific Rim" game to win tickets to the cinema, a cosplay workshop (which I'm so pity I don't have photos), the presentation of a portuguese sy-fy movie that will be released on October I guess, and I'm super thrilled to watch it, it's called "Collider"! Search for it, you will be excited as I am. And then it happened the talk with João Loy. João Loy was the actor that made the voice of Vegeta and another characters from the anime " Dragon Ball". It was a huge sucess in Portugal ( it was a huge sucess everywhere, right?) and everbody knows the voice of Vegeta. He tolds us so many curiosities about the show. For example, when they recorded the first 15 episodes, the TV channel that passed the show, rejected because there where too many violence on the dialogues. They recorded again and it was rejected again. I mean, what could they do? It's Dragon Ball for christ sake! Of course there will be violence, because it's part of the story itself!! Still, they recorded again but this time without paying atention to the script, they said what it seemed to them right. And wasn't that the way that was accepted? And it was a huge sucess! The actor João Loy was so funny and totally awesome! I believe it was the high moment of saturday.
 Look! It's Lara Croft! This cosplay was amazing, too pity I didn't had the chance to photograh her.
After this there were some dead moments, where they passed some videos for people to see, people went outside, to lunch and see the stalls ( I bought 3 One piece wanted posters, earrings from Super Mario that I will show tomorrow, a One Piece Pin and.. a One Piece keychain), and to photograph another cosplayers. Some people where even training to the eurocosplayer contest that happened later.
In the meantime, there was another contest called "The weakest geek", where the competitors had to answers about animes,manga, movies, series, and games. And then it was the Eucocosplayers contest. I have to say: everyone had to be congrated! Even the cosplayers that weren't on the contest. The costumes where so good and it needs time and money to make these things. They made me wanna go the next year in some cosplay ( that will make me crazy because I like so many characters.. will be harsh to decide to only one). I'm so sorry I didn't get photos in good condition... It was a bit dark and with the movements of the characters the pictures were almost all blur. Still I made some to be right. But one of my favourites, the Harley Quinn, I didn't get one right. For me my favourites where as I said the Harley Quinn and the Valeera, but I'm no cosplay expert and the jury knew why they choose who they choose, so congrats Ratonhnaké ( Connor Kenway) from Assassin's Creed 3.
 The weakest geek contest
And there ii was, the first the day, that I end it ruinning my diet by eating rice and chips at the same time. But they were sooo goooddd! Wait to see tomorrow there are some awesome cosplayers too! And some adventures that happened to me!
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