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Romaria Senhora da Agonia - Parade

The day after the Mordomia, it was the principal parade: cortejo etnográfico. Since I was a child I always participate. In my 24 years of life I can count the years that I didn't participate on these parade. But this year for the first time I went as a pair not alone. Me and my boyfriend went together. It was a first for him. Poor soul to were those wooden shoes. But he did like ( no matter how he said that his feet hurt .. and complain...)! On the top of that, these parede has a duration of 2 hours, 2 hours and a half. It's big! It always have some theme, these year the theme was "The Sea". The parade it's always divided in two parts: the historical part and the traditional part. So as the theme was the sea, the historical part was connected to our sailors and great navigators like Vasco da Gama that discovered India. On the second part comes the part with the traditional suiting of our town. The mordomia parade, has I told you on the post, was with the suits from the ladies of the high society, but on these parade, all suits come. Like my own. But these explications I will tell you on another post. I can only tell you that my suit it's work suit or the dating suit. Yes it was the suit when the gals like me would go to the market and date a little.
(The symbol from my town)
This is the part where the traditional suits from our town start to appear :)  Children, teenagers, adults, old women and men come, representing the diferent social status and workers, with the tradiotional suits. It's amazing! They offer food, wine and sweets to the people that are watching, and some dance!
 (ladies offering wine to the public)
I don't know why, but this photo reminds the one that it's very known from the end of the second world war where a sailor and a nurse kiss.
 Oh look these is me and my boyfriend!
(these vases weight more or less 60 kilos!!)
One of the things that I love to see it's the children. They dance, they cry because they are tired, and they feet hurt, they sing, they smile, they go on their fathers lap. It's a joy :) But it's so cute to see them on the little suits.
It's a very known tradition from our town, that when a girl will marry that year, she and his fianceé go on the parade has grooms. Isn't it romantic? It's not an obligation, but the most romantic pairs like to do it. And they look so cute! The only problem is that, has it happened with me and my boyfriend, the public spends all the time screaming for kisses. And sometimes the pairs aren't boyfriends, they can be brothers, fathers and sons.
After like 5 hours on foot, with that wooden shoes, walk slowly with a lot of stops, catching sun on the face, smile a lot, it's time to put the feet on the water and take a great bath! But it did not end here. Let's wait for the next post.
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