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L.A.T. : Amazonas Sandals

This is the first post L.A.T : Love a Lot.
As future ecologists, and pros-sustainability economic, this brand could not be more lovely to us : Amazon Sandals. They are sandals (what woman isn't happy about shoes?), with recycled rubber (that's a great win!) and with a fresh and nature inspired design. They get inspiration on the colors of the beautiful birds they have there, on the lines of the Amazon River. I mean, what this brand don't have to win? We gotta give credit to the Brazilians. Despite all the stupidity that it's happening due to the Amazonia deforestation and native pouring, there are some good minds always with nature in the first place. And they should be more. With the treasure that they have on their country.
But back on track, this shoes are all that we should want. They have 4 lines that you can choose:
  • Eco Rubber - 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Bio Rubber - Biodegradable Rubber that it's absorved by nature in 5 years (50% quicker that the sintetic rubber)
  • Enjoy - Personalized printed inspired on nature and brazilian etnics.
  • Fun - Expanded Rubber
You can check their website, pitty they only have in Portuguese and Spanish Language. To be perfect they should have a system that when you are done with your sandals you could give them back and they would recycle them again? Wouldn't that be perfect?
Aren't they gorgeous?
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