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The Daily Miacis

Abstract nº 18

Today's it's so damn good! Let's enjoy this day with our mothers, walking in the sun! 

Laloran Book Sketch has great sketchbooks. They seem to be of good quality, the paper seems to be good, and the covers looks so cute. This one look specially beatiful. 

Source : Laloran Sketch Book

This idea to make an air freshener from lemon seeds it's genious! You can use the seeds from the lemons you use to cook, and you don't need to buy chemical fresheners that sometimes you can make allergies and some studies shows that they might help you to develop cancer.

Source : Studioblog

This hobbit sleepers looks so warm and cute for the winter. But only for some months from now. Let's enjoy the sun that has just arrived! But they look adorable for fans of "The Lord of the Rings", as we are.

Source :  ThinkGeek

Pony Chops does personalised shoes. You say what you want and she does it, on high heels shoes, on moucasins, on brogues, etc. We think it's a nice gift idea, for those shoes lovers, give a pair of shoes that no one has equal.

Source : Pony Chops

This vintage cat earrings are so funny! If they could have the colors of our cats, they would be perfect!

We wish you a great sunday guys, and a Happy Mother's day!

Sofia G and Sofia S 

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