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Abstract nº 2

I had some bad luck this week, some problems with the car and with sampling. But nothing that couldn't be fixed!
I find this tutorial an awesome personal way to decorate a wall in your home. Don't you think? And it's so lovely.
Source : ManMade
I found this satchel, from Disaster Designs on Amazon, and I fell in love with her right away. With butterflies and dragonflies. Isn't it perfect? They have the most cute satchels and laptop bags, most of them with nature motifs. Check out on their page. You will see that I'm right! :)
Source : Disaster Designs
I'm not a fan of sparkling. Totally, no. But I've gotta admit, I like this shoes that I saw via Spartoo. It seems that it's a neutral kind of sparkling. 
Source : Betty London
This week I was searching for some old vintage scientific illustrations on ETSY, and I stumbled on the work of Missing Piecies Studio. No, it does not sale scientific illustrations, but scablle tile jewelry. The pendants are beautiful. This are a few of my favourite ones, because I really liked a lot of them.
Toadstool Necklace 
Sperm Whale Necklace
The work of  Amanda Whitelaw's is amazing! I say this not only because she has some acessories with characters from the Disney World, but because it's wonderfull. She really does art that you can wear! And that is an understatement. Obviously, this his one of my favorite brooch, of the many she has from her work.
Source : HungryDesigns
Did I already talk you about my 2013 agenda? I think I haven't :P Finally received, and I'm happy. Mine is with the moto "Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet". I think it means the way you look at life and the happenings you have to go through. You can look from the bright side and move on, or just stay and watch the world passing you by. I think it's a good moto for this year. There are a lot of expressions you can choose in the page of Close(t) for your agenda, and the size option are A5 and A6 (this is A6). No one will have an agenda equal to yours ;)
Source : Close(t)
See you next time!

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