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An Double Presentation

So, I told about two weeks I had good news, and that this blog would pass throught again a new revolution. And know it's the time.
Say welcomme to Sofia S.!
Yes, I invited this friend of mine, because we share a lot of equal tastes. And know the blog is double in force: two Sofias, two biologists, two cat lovers, two crazy women for chocolate and good food, two geeks who spent a lot of time watching series and movies, two bookcultarist, two curious for hand made stuff!
Know I hope the blog will be more dynamic. First we change the layout (hope you like it!). We want the sames things, and share a little more about science because we believe here in Portugal we have so much to be shared and so few know what we have!
We are thinking creating some new features (yeah!), some like books reviews and some related to science. But we like a lot of things, and so we will talk about everything we like and think it sould come to you!
But let's stop talking about this, and let's Sofia S. presenting herself!
"Hello everyone! My name’s Sofia S. and I’ll be joining Sofia G. on this blog.
First things first..
I’m a biologist just like Sofia G. and we met when we join the same Master course back in 2011. She became a real good friend of mine and proposed me to join her in this blog.
We share a lot of passion, like cats. I’m a cat lover, and currently I have a female one, her name is Jacqueline, she’s almost 2 and she’s a lot of trouble J
I’m a book addicted. Once I started reading a book that catches my attention I can’t put it down. So you’ll probably see a little review of some books.
I also love hand-made stuff, watching Tvshows and some anime, I love music, like really, really love music. So it kinda made sense for us to join “forces” in this blog.
We’re hoping to do a blog full of science curiosities, cuisine recipes, some fashion in there too, lots of music, books related stuff and more…
I guess that’s it for now..
Love, Sofia S."
See you next time!Love, Sofia G.

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.


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