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Bread Pudding

   Hello everybody! Hope you are  having a good start of the week, because for me it's not. I'm sorry, I know I'm always talking about this but it's impossible this rain that don't ever stop. I have a sampling of mosses to make this month and I haven't got a good day to make it. It's so depressing. And that's why we need to make cakes to help us a little bit.
   This is a no-waste recipe. After the weekends, with family dinners or lunches, normally I have a lot of bread left overs. Some of them I freeze it, or keep it to give it to the country animals like pigs of the neighbours. But sometimes I make a bread pudding, which it's also a good idea.
Bread Pudding
- 7 breads (from 1 or 2 days befores)
- 1 L of whole milk
- 1 dessert spoon cinnamon ( you can put more, if you like the taste of cinnamon)
- 8 eggs
- 300 gr sugar
1 - Cut the bread in pieces, and put it in a large bowl.
2 - Add the milk, that has to be tepid. Mix all well and let the bread rest about 20 minutes, mixing once in a while.
3 - Mix in the blender, the eggs, the sugar and the cinnamon about 4 minutes. Add the bread and mix well.
4 - Now, normally a pudding  has a caramel layer in the cake form. But in this one you can put it without the caramel, making it lower in calories. But if you want with the caramel which give a more sweet taste, you can do it. You can cook the pudding in two ways. Or you can cook it in the stove in bain marie, or you can cook it in the oven. But you have put the cake form in the strayed oven tray ( I don't know if it says like that). In the other tray, you fill it with water, and put it down to the tray that has the cake. If you cook like this, the pudding will have a more fluffly texture.
The pudding is much bigger, I only put a little on a new form that I bought today
Sofia S.

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