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Christmas Wishlist

This is the second time of the year that a lot of people asks you " What do you wish for present?". The first time is in your birthday, and now, on Christmas time. So I have a lot of thinks in mind... It's just choose, because normaly I can't choose very well. I share to you a few things that I would like to received, and I hope that you may like and wish it for you. Most of them, if not all of them, I already showed to you on my abstracts, so let me just reinforce that I would really like to have them :P
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 81, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8
1|  As I said it here, it just remembers me the gueixa world. And you know, I have a little weakness for the Japan mystique. I don't like umbrellas it's true, but when the umbrella it's georgous I just fill myself with the will to take him outside to walk with me.
2| I'm a crazy cat laddy, right? And I love brooches, so it's the right combination to me.
3| A store "O Clock" just opened in Viana, and I was already in love with this watches when I saw them in the Reitoria of the Porto University. You can choose the display you want: normal, with disney draws, or some flowers background. And then the color of your bracelet. And like that you can buy as many as bracelets and displays as you want and match them. I like the display with the Mickey draw (not the mickey logo) with the chocolate brown bracelet, and the green water one I show on the picture.
4| I want this agenda. I can only say this. It helps the organization, it shows you the nature world of Africa and it's an agenda.
5| I like lovely collants like this one. It just funny ^^
6| Another stuff to my crazy cat lady collection ( and to my afirmation as a cat lady!)
7| For a long time I wanted to but a lomo photo machine, but I don't know.... I never bought one, never got the time also. So, it would be the best present to me. This Diana F+ Sahara Edition is just lovely,  it reminds me the first explorers that curiously investigate the unknown. I would like one like that.
8| And as the biologist I am, and crazy for invertebrates, this Odonata canvas it's beautiful, and it would fit so well in my bedroom!
So this are a few things that I would like to received..... imagining that Santa Claus is rich. (eheheheheheh!). But still, is never wrong to dream and hope. After all, isn't that magic around Christmas? Hope, and wishes for the best, not just for us but for everybody.
See you next time!

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