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Friday Night Movie Fever :: Calendar Girls

The sugestion for this weekend is based on a real life happening.
Calendar Girls (2003)
Director: Nigel Cole
WritersJuliette TowhidiTim Firth
CastHelen MirrenJulie WaltersJohn Alderton
Summary: A Women's Institute chapter's fundraising effort for a local hospital by posing nude for a calendar becomes a media sensation.
I saw this movie by accident on a sleepless night and I like it very much. I only knew it was based on a true life happening in the end and I was so suprised.
Helen Mirren has always that sweet sofisticated side and it's adorable! I like it so much, and I wish I can  look like her when I'll have her age. She plays the role of an adventuress women who has no afraid to break appearances and do whatever it's possible to help her best friend. She is a great actress,and she plays
divinely every paper, even this one of a middle aged women of a religious and feminist group from a little town in England.
This story talks about the project that a group of women create to raise money to a hospital, to buy a new couch for the familiars of persons who have cancer. And because the normal ways don't raise money to buy a good couch, they realize a non convencional way to raise the money: a calendar girls. So the next question is: they are women above the 50. But they don't mind the age, and the truth is a calendar from a group of women from a little town of the Yorshire county becomes a world sensation. All because of a couch to a hospital.
I believe this story shows us that we cannot be afraid to fight against what it's to be expected to be normal and do different. And spite the age, we can do what our soul tells us.
Hope you like this suggetion, and if you love Helen Mirren this is a great movie!
Great weekend to you guys!
Sofia G

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