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Mi-Collector :: Astérix e Obélix Comic Books

    Since I was a child, I'm a big fan of comic, I cannot denied it. You already saw my Disney Comic Collections, but has I already told you I have other collections. This is my second comic collection: the Astérix and Obélix Comic Books.


    While the other collection began with my uncle, this one began with my father. Yes the story repeats again. He gave to me the ones he had, and I bought more to finish the collection. Some where gifts. It's not yet finished, but because I'm such a derp. You see, everytime I see a promotion of these I never buy for two reasons: or I don't have money to that on the moment, and/or (has always), I don't know which titles I already own. That's sad, I know! I say to me all the time that I have to write down a list with the titles but I always forgot (or pass to another time, day week....).


    Some of these books are old, other are not in a good state because I wasn't very careful with them. In one, my little dog Jenny, pee on him. Perhaps she didn't liked the story....


    Not every people it's a fan of these comics, some might not even say they are funny. I believe they are, ironic to the bone in some stories, but the one's from the time when the two great men that decided to create these world where alive. Since Goscinny died, the stories don't have the same soul. In fact the last one "Astérix and the Falling Sky" was miserable... Astérix and aliens? It was a strange mixture that did not went well.


    What do I like most? Well, I already said they are very ironic. They have some kind of twisted humor about the roman times and with our modern times, and with the different people from the different countries. There traditions and tics are well captured and characterized. But my favorite things on this comics are the nonsense things like why Obélix it's always producing menirs, or the stink fish, or the always castaway pirates. And the marks from these books and stories, like the bookcovers, the first page, the beginnig of the story and the end, the magic potion, the adventures, " No Obelix, you fell on the magic potion couldron!" phrase, the tuneless bard.

My favourite story


    I'm waiting to see when I'll finish these collection. I miss only a few, hope it will be soon. I leave you with one traditional end of Asterix.




Sofia G.

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