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One mushroom, two muhsrooms, three mushrooms....

I know I told you that I was going to post the recipe of the parfait this week, but, today I went to a workshop to find and identify wild mushrooms, organized by the CMIA of Viana do Castelo. And it was so good! The weather was fine, spite of the artic cold-like (I was wearing tights plus one pair of socks and still I couldn't feel my feet with the cold), the place we went was perfect, Monte do Galeão (Darque - Viana do Castelo), and we had so lucky that the place was full of mushrooms! But as the former says " Where goes a mycologist, the mushrooms appears". I took a lot of photos and I wanted to share them with you, because even me didn't realize how close to my house, there was such a variety of mushrooms. I don't have the names to identify the mushroom because the notebook with the names is from my friend Joana that came with me, and so I don't want to make mistakes.  I don't have a guide (yet!) but when  I do this fall I promise I will take a lot of photos with the right names. If you wish to have the names, please send me an e-mail that I will give the photos with the right names. Today I wont put the tips to catch wild  mushrooms, but I'll do some day just a post with the tips. But one thing you need to have in mind: don't go without a field guide! A recent field guide, so you won't catch the wrong one! You can buy on NHBS or EOL. You will find good guides there.
The acessories needed : magnifying glass, field guides, and baskets with some aluminum paper at the bottom so the spores fall in there. 
Isn't it beautiful?
(a white lichen)
(a green lichen)
(this mushrooms are dead)
I find this one the more cute
            This one is call Hydnum repandum, the hedgehog mushroom or in common portuguese is the goat feet.
                                                      How basket with the edible mushrooms
                                           This tiny mushroom, have a butter like softness cuticle
See you nex time!

Sou a Sofia Gonçalves. 29 anos. Curiosa sem fim, exploradora de livros, advogada de boa comida, gestora de estados ansioliticos, caçadora de sonhos, escriba escrava da palavras da minha cabeça, pajem dos meus animais.

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