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Thoughts on Seabra Case

I don't like to talk so public about this kind of matters, where there is so much people with so much diferent positions and we can't pleasure greeks and trojans as we say here in Portugal.
But I just don't understand, really it confuses me, how there is people, specially in Portugal, that thinks that he didn't deserve the sentence he had, 25 years of prison is too much. Too much???? Did they heard the same news as me? Did they saw the same pictures as me? Did they live in this world and have some minimum decency in their heart? How is possible to think is too much to a man that kill and mutilate a men that did not hurt me, or if he did it wasn't so hard that he could not live in the same world that Castro lived in. No, I don't understand how is it possible to have pity on him. I have pity on the family, because of the shame and troubles they are going and will through. But pity on him?
I just had to speak my mind, because I can't believe on what I just saw on the news. Is because of pity on people like that the crime in Portugal is as it is. And the justice! I believe if this case was on Portugal, the judge would say that he had the mind illness at the time of the crime... He was perfect. What he had was frustation so inside him that turned into pure evil.Nothing more...
I just don't understand. It blows my mind.
See you next time!

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